Sustainable Solvent Management

Solvent recovery and reuse is good, but it is only part of the way toward true sustainability.  The goal of sustainable solvent management is the ability to reuse a solvent in the same process from which it was recovered.  The economics are critical, since the cost of bringing the recovered material back to its original specifications must be sufficiently below the cost of virgin material to leave room for the additional handling, transportation, and processing costs involved.

Achieving the goal of sustainability in practice requires both capability and commitment.  Few solvent suppliers have demonstrated the ability and the dedication to make it work.

Sustainability and SOLV-DB

SOLV-DB provides the general public with an extensive database of solvents that brings together technical, regulatory, and toxicological, and environmental data.  Many SOLV-DB users are committed to finding the most responsible choice of solvent from among those with the right technical specifications for their application.

 The support of Gage Products Company is making it possible for NCMS to continue to provide SOLV-DB to the public free of charge.  Gage is one of the few solvent suppliers with a proven track record in sustainable solvent management.  In supporting the site, Gage is reaching out to manufacturers who may be able to benefit from applying Gage's experience and expertise to their solvent management needs.

Can your company benefit?

If you typically generate spent solvent in quantities of 5000 gallons or more, you may want to contact Gage for more information.

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